VIPP food styling

Let’s talk about Copenhagen…Last we week we had a short but inspiring trip to this great city. 
Flying on Monday late in the afternoon, 
staying at the fantastic STAY hotel
being upgraded to the penthouse, 
a day at the VIPP headquarter and showroom 
together with a group of other bloggers and the VIPP team, 
a great dinner in the VIPP showroom and then flying back Tuesday evening…
Well let’s say this was a short trip but one with lots of great memories, meeting new people and coming back with a head full of inspiration.
The day at the VIPP headquarter and showroom was one to never forget. 
So great to hear the story behind this brand, how it started and became this brand with so much style. The office space and showroom were filled with style, aesthetic and inspiration.
Together with a group of stylists we were challenged to create 5 dishes with the food created by chef Mikkel Karstad, using VIPP products and other props. 
Together with Allan (Bungalow5), Pella (stilinspiration), Flo Deau (
we have created these dishes. 
Having to work under pressure and with a team of 5 really is not as easy as you think 
but the result is great and we loved working with this team and being inspired. 
What do you think of the result? 
If you like what you see you can vote for us…visit the instagram page of VIPP here and like the pictures we have created. 
Thank you VIPP for this fantastic day. 
We love your brand even more after this day!
xo Jantine & Vivian

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  • Lina says:

    I absolutely LOVE it. Perfect.

  • Steph says:

    the second one is my favorite – it looks like the universe, so pretty!

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