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We love simplicity and pureness. Not only related to interior and design but also in fashion. 
A perfect example is the Dutch brand Dutchess by Gwen van Assem.
Dutchess is characterized by femininity, with an edge. 
Each garment is made with careful attention to details.
 The sober and sleek designs of Dutchess have their own character, 
but at the same time they can be worn all the time, to make an effortless statement. 
We love the simplicity and pureness and how the pieces can be easily 
combined and styled to wear it casual or more dressy. 
At our blogfriend BuisjesenBeugels you can shop several pieces from this brand. 
Take a look and wear it with style.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hey, so wonderful! Do you know where these amazing shoes are from?

    Greetings , Susan (

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