Unika by Castello

We are real cheese lovers and the last days we have been enjoying these great Unika cheese selections by Castello.
We attended their popup store a few weeks ago to see the work of food designer Katja Gruijters (see our post here). 
We were surprised by the great story behind Castello and the craftsmanship to create these cheeses. 
Our favorites were these Unika cheese pieces because of the different look and beautiful packaging. 
The Unika pieces are the most exclusive in the whole collection. 
They are handmade in small ranges and only available in selective stores and the finest restaurants 
(such as Noma) in Denmark.
We have enjoyed it to try these delicious cheeses. 
Did you know we have some great cheese plates and tasty oils for you? 
Perfect together with some cheese. Take a look here
Great for a nice and tasty afternoon/evening with friends and/or family.
Images by April and May

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