Histor, the result

Do you remember the Histor campaign with the Piet Hein Eek cabinet
We are done and this is the result. 
We were inspired by the NYC skyline and used that idea 
to transform this cabinet using the Histor paint. 
We have worked with the colors wit, hoornwit, loom and ciber 
as a subtle change of colors.
We must admit that we liked the cabinet in it’s original version already but it was nice to see 
what some paint can do and change it into something different.
This weekend all the people who have thought of their own design and have been chosen 
to transform this cabinet are painting it in the Piet Hein Eek workspace.
Our cabinet will be there too and we wish all the people good luck 
and hope the result will be great.

There are 8 comments

  • Heel mooi geworden! Super leuke actie van Histor. Heb al meer leuke kastjes voorbij zien komen.

  • It is looking great! Love it!

  • Really like what you’ve done with the cabinet. It looks fantastic!

  • Wat een mooi kastje geworden! Ik zag jullie trouwens gisteren eindelijk in koffietijd (had het opgenomen) leuk hoor! Mooie ruimte hadden jullie er van gemaakt “May & April” ;-)

  • Ik vind hem super mooi en chic geworden! Wat een super idee!

  • Ziet er super mooi uit, mooi resultaat!

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