sla amsterdam

Have you already been to Sla?
Sla is a restaurant in Amsterdam, serving salades, healthy snacks, juices and soups.
Currently their is a kind of health trend going on( which is not bad at all! ), 
so a dinner at Sla perfectly goes with this. 
The designers of Nicemakers were inspired by the old Horstus Botanicus in Amsterdam
and the rooftop gardens in New York. 
We love the clean look of the restaurant, together with all the greens. 
Via at Bloesem blog, images by Teska Overbeeke

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  • Yes, SLA! Geweldige hotspot voor gezond eten! Mmmm!
    With love,


    n e w b l o g |

  • I have bookmarked this if we get to visit Amsterdam any time soon, it looks very there nice indeed!

  • This looks so cool! Amsterdam has a lot of fab places and it’s a shame that I only managed to walk around and see a tiny bit on Sunday – I could spend far more time there and explore all those fab shops. x

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