copper in Dutch magazine Margriet

In this weeks edition of Dutch magazine Margriet we talk about the trend Copper 
and why we love it so much, how to use it in your home and some DIY ways using copper.
First of all how great to be featured in this well known Dutch magazine.
We are loving our job more and more every day :).
For this publication we have created some images incorporating copper in a simple way.
Because not all of them are featured we love to show them to you.
With copper tape you can easily create a frame on your wall 
and place your favorite picture in it. 
Copper foil is really great to create dots or other shapes that you can stick on you wall too.
And we have created a copper mobile with copper foil and bendable wire. 
To create this mobile choose some shapes you like and cut them out of the copper foil. 
Put some little holes in it and then you can attach them to the wire with some thin thread.
Copper also works very well with cooler colors like grey and some green. 
We used the copper candle holders from our shop for this picture.
Be inspired, XO!
images: April and May | house picture: Marjon Hoogervorst

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  • Superleuk! Gefeliciteerd met deze mooie productie

  • Jeetje wat ontzettend mooi gedaan weer. En zo simpel eigenlijk….daar hou ik van :) Mooie publicatie!

  • Kate Henry says:

    Cheers to get expressing this specific Mirror Television , I actually genuinely wish to invest in duration and additionally place it further more on the subject of my very own tv. Impressive!

  • vosges paris says:

    Super mooi dit en leuk al die bijdragen van bloggers ;)

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