Blend & Blender

Last week I went to this new shop in Amersfoort called: Blend&Blender. 
I was so surprised and excited that a shop like this opened it’s doors in Amersfoort.
It is a smal place were you can enjoy coffee and design.
Especially the lamps are very impressive
 and made by the owner of the shop Marcel Ossendrijver. 
Marcel is the owner of M.OSS design,
the lamps are all handmade and therefore all unique.
If you are around  Amersfoort you should definitely stop by 
XO Sanne

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  • A lovely little shop to while away an hour or two…

  • Linda says:

    Oh how lovely is that place! Coffee and design, it sounds perfect to me :)
    Wish I lived closer by.

  • Marloes says:

    Wauwie, such an amazing interior! Thanks for the tip

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