april and may at dutch tv show ‘koffietijd’

Last week, we had some busy days.
We were invited to speak at the Dutch tv show ‘Koffietijd’ ( Coffee time )
We got the change to design a space in the Koffietijd studio in April and May style and 
during the show we got to explain how we work and what we did in the room. 
The colors we choose were white, black, grey and some hints of green. 
We used cork as an extra material, for some warmth and contrast. 
If you like.. You can see us here :)  at the 34:25 minute. 
The products we used in the room are form 
our shop byAprilandMay and from Mobilia Woonstudio

There are 6 comments

  • Marloes says:

    Beautiful! Saw it and was amazed

  • Elv's says:

    wat een geweldige bank en oh zo mooi de inrichting! super leuk om jullie daar te zien… fijne week!

  • Stunning! I am in love with the rug collection and also the little conglomeration of wall art. Cheers!

  • Chris says:

    I am in love with the couch!

    I checked Mobilia already but could not find it.

    Any hints where it can be obtained?

  • www.archebiodesign.com says:

    really beautiful!

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