ZARA mini

We are so happy to tell you about our new collaboration with ZARA to create the images 
for their new MINI lookbook.
It has been such a pleasure creating these images for a brand we truly love. 
You can find the lookbook on the website of ZARA here and here.
Images ZARA | styling APRIL AND MAY | photography JAMES STOKES

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  • vosges paris says:

    Congratulations girls!!

  • Katja of Mint&Mocha says:

    wow, congratulations! very cool project indeed. Katja|Mint&MOcha

  • Ah!!! That’s so fab!!
    I love Zara…the images are very pretty, good job!

  • moodkids says:

    how cool is that, congrats to the both of you!

  • Wat een prachtige styling! Super gefeliciteerd!

  • Judith says:

    Félicitations! It’s looks fabulous!

  • Anya Jensen says:

    Congrats ladies – looks fantastic <3

  • Carol says:

    Everything is so sweet! Wanna have a kid now jjajaa.

  • Ziet er super leuk uit! Wat een droom opdracht.

  • Very well done girls! Congrats. It turned out so beautiful!

  • Amy says:

    LOVE this! So simple and beautiful, true to your style – congrats on the project!

  • SINE says:

    Cool styling!
    What model is the chair?

  • Wauw.. what a great collaboration. I love the photography and the gorgeous simple styling. Good job :)

  • mobil*home says:

    very nice styling

  • Congrats girls! Love the fabulous knitted sweaters :) Love the styling. The colors reminds me of the bedspreads I got at home.

  • Wauw! Amazing! I posted the images on my blog about a week ago and thought this way of styling is really new for ZARA. I did not know you styled it.. Of course added your name as credit. I think you should do the styling for ZARA Home!
    And if you would need an assistent..;)

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