Passion for cooking

We love our passion for food and want to share with you this new book Rise Market from chef Henrik Yde. Henrik Yde owner/chef of 6 restaurants in Copenhagen and is known from Masterchef Denmark.

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  • lili nfolks says:

    looks very very beautiful !

  • Oh, it looks wonderful and so beautiful!
    Wouldn’t mind adding this one to my cookbook collection right away!

  • Stephanie says:

    Wat een prachtig boek!!

  • studio13 says:

    love to look cooking books. i have this passion since I was a little girl. use to sit on my parents bed and spread all the cooking books she had arround me. I was charmed by the photos. Would love to go trough this one to ;).

  • Beautiful book. I bet it’s full of wonderful things to try!

  • Gorgeous book. Now I want to know what food adventures it holds!

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