dutch delight

Happy saturday baking;
One of the most famous Dutch cookies is the ‘stroopwafel’. 
You can make it yourself, you’ll find the recipe here.
Or you can make a great parfait out of it… 
You need;
250 ml whipped cream 
100 gr sugar
250 ml yoghurt
12 small stroopwafels or 6 big ones. 
Whisk the whipped cream in a clean bowl .
Add the sugar and yoghurt and whisk again. Keep 4 of the syrup waffles aside. 
The rest of the syrup waffles you cut in little pieces and you add it to the yoghurt mixture.
Get a baking form that you can put into the freezer and cover it with plastic foil. 
Put the yoghurt mixture into the bowl and cover it with plastic foil. 
Put it into the freezer for at least 6 hours. 
Recipe and photo’s by Aimee Jiline

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