Bloggers in Dutch magazine

A feature about Dutch bloggers and their tips and trends in the latest issue of Dutch magazine Margriet. And we were one of them…Unfortunately not much of our images made were shown but the total feature has become nice.

Above you can see our contribution for this article.
Our trend is all about collecting and little treasures. A personal mix with old and new items at home. Showing your own style makes a home personal. Re-use of materials, friendly and organic shapes, graphic elements and adding your favorite color to a basic and timeless interior. Little elements give your home a personal touch and can easily be adapted according to your changed mood and favorites.

XO April and May

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  • michele says:



  • Elv's says:

    Leuk!! Ik heb al even gekeken… zag het bij meer bloggers staan! Fijn weekend ;-)

  • congrats, excellent article!

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