Hotel Paradis Paris

Seeing and reading all the news from the people who are in Paris right now to visit Maison & Objet made me think about some Paris inspiration. Hotel Paradis Paris is a gorgeous boutique hotel in the heart of Paris. 
A beautiful combination of vintage and modern items with a very warm feeling. Through the whole hotel you will find great hand painted wallpaper. 
I really love the vibe of this hotel with some great furniture pieces. During my next visit to Paris this will certainly be on my must-see list.
Hotel Paradis Paris | 41, rue des Petites-Ecuries | 75010 Paris, France

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  • This hotel looks amazing! Love to visit sometime.

  • The wallpaper is beautiful, I found you through another blog and it has been a great find.

  • a lovely address. i would go for my next visit in Paris which is very soon. Thanks for sharing !

  • Julia says:

    very interesting idea :) check it out

    hope you like my blog. keep up the good work :)

    Liebe Grüsse aus Berlin!

  • just amazing! guess thats a perfect place to stay for the next time in paris!

  • This hotel looks amazing

  • just amazing! guess thats a perfect place to stay

  • This is really impressive idea’s, i will trying these designs in my own hotel furniture…

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