wooden kids stuff

I really like all the new and creative wooden kids toys around us. I am a fan of wooden toys… and no not all the toys we have at home are wood…we also have sound making things and my little boy is a huge cars fan :)

But I am loving the new wooden kids stuff at my blog friends shop Orphan Socks. The hang friends are designed by Joachim Karelse and made from birch wood as a rabbit, owl or reindeer profile. You can dress these friends as you like.

Also the croc pile by Karl Zahn is really great. You can stack them at an angle, straight up and down…just as you like. And there also is a beautiful elephant puzzle available.

Some really nice things as a gift or to spoil your own child.

Images through Orphan Socks

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  • Camila Faria says:

    So pretty! I like it even better with those glasses!

  • Inka says:

    very nice wooden crocodiles, i like wooden toys :) Greetings!

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