April & May hearts

This made me smile…

1. Houses and faces by Maison Paulette
2. Love word necklace or wall decoration by Fleur Goedendorp available here
3. Pomegranates III by Donald Sultan
4. Wallpaper Pienet Kivet from Marimekko

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  • Juliane says:

    What a fun little grey scale collection! I love the fat polka dot wall. I love coordinating the right wall art, and there are some GREAT choices here.

  • Elv's says:

    I really like what makes you smile :-) beautiful inspiration!

  • True Colours says:

    What a lovely pics !

    Have a nice weekend.

  • Prachtig, elke foto is even mooi!

  • POWDER GREY says:

    Have’nt popped over to your blog for a while,too much on. Must try harder as I always love it when i do. These made me smile, lovely post….

  • Cez says:

    in love with the 1rst pic!!! xxx

  • betinahluna says:

    I love the painting! I want one for my bedroom.

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