Hello Copenhagen by Aimee

Hello Copenhagen… I must admit I have never been to Copenhagen. It is really one of the places I want to visit in the future. But Aimee did visit Copenhagen recently and made some pictures and a little story for April and May.

If you say Copenhagen, I think about inspiration, home and shopping.
It wasn’t the first time in Copenhagen for me. Last year I was the happiest girl when I got the possibility to live the Danish life for 2,5 months, during an internship at Casashop, a very known shop in Copenhagen. I had an appartment in the middle of the city and enjoyed A Danish breakfast in the morning and screaming drunk people on the square beneath my window in the nights.

What I like about Copenhagen is the atmosphere, the good-looking people and all the beautiful stuff. If you’ll stay there for a week, you might starting to think it’s normal to see that much nice shops with good-looking clothes. It seems that all the Danish people have a good taste!I like the old red and yellow houses but what I also like is the architecture of Copenhagen. Take the metro or take a boat trip to the Opera house where you can see this piece of architecture. Because of the clean and good taste of all the Danish people the whole city is in a great balance, every single building has got a story and looks like a painting. And what about all the nice and small things that you can find in the best shops of Copenhagen? For example take “Liebe”, a really nice shop in the middle of the centre, on Kampagnistræde 23. They sell ceramic from their own brand Liebe. In this street you will also find “Kaiku”, a shop with Scandinavian accessories, like: ‘’Ferm Living’’, ‘’Nomess Copenhagen’’, ‘’DANSK’’, ‘’by Nord’’ and a lot of other great brands. Look one street further and you will find “Stilleben”, they sell wonderful ceramics, jewelry and home accessories. But you can also find some lovely things in a simpler store like“Notre Dame”, they make the difference between simple and less beautiful. You can find original things for a good price, so remember that shop as well.

Not too long ago my ex-collague told me about a new shop near by Christianshavn, that had it’s opening just two weeks ago called ‘’MUNK’’. It’s a shop with the good basics from Danish design but also some original stuff. You really need to write that shop on your to-do list underneath my other recommendations.  I think I can write more then twenty pages about shops where you will become happy. But what I think is the most important is that you’ll get so much inspiration you want to take back to your homeland. It seems to be the perfect city to live when you’re interested in design; it’s like living in a magazine, every day again. 

Just go and fall in love with Copenhagen

Thank you Aimee for all your tips on Copenhagen.

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  • I love Copenhagen and live so near that I really should visit more often! Great to hear you had such a wonderful time, it sounded idyllic! And thank you for all the tips!

  • BEACH & EAU says:

    i love copenhagen…Hello of spain….

  • I want to visit Copenhagen one day…so cool to hear you went!
    p.s. i was so blown away by that wall, wow…


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