April & May on Remodelista

How happy can you be when seeing my little boy’s room on Remodelista.

Proud to be featured as I am a big fan of Remodelista. Thank you so much!

Would be nice to maybe post some pictures of Storm his room because it has changed a bit in the meantime. And I am planning to change it this year a little more because he is not that little baby anymore.

Be continued…

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  • Chouette… that’s nice to see our kids bedrooms changing in the time… Saul’s one was bright colored when he was a baby… mostly apple green and orange shades… and now… mustard and army green took the advantage…love your greys!

  • eLfy says:

    Super nice, congrats. What is the name of your son jantine?

  • APRIL & MAY says:


    The name of my son is Storm.

    x Jantine

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