Tea Maker

Remember our latest little project with the three little spoons? This was part of a series for a new product of Solis: the Tea Maker. We have started a collaboration with PR agency Talkabout and have done this shoot for one of their clients.

The Tea Maker is a brand new product providing you the perfect cup of tea and makes you enjoy your tea even more.

We have tried during our shoot and we must really say that it’s a real difference and tea really tastes better made with Tea Maker.

You can find out more about the Tea Maker here and of course at Solis.

Images by Birdsintrees

There are 5 comments

  • Amy Dowell says:

    The photos are lovely. I especially like the first one.

  • Men vilka vackra foton- älskar dem. Kram

  • eLfy says:

    Really nice. Congrats
    Is there anyway to see and buy it in amsterdam ?
    I am in town right now til the end of the week.
    Beautiful work and pics.

  • great photos :-) I brought some yummy chai tea back from India. Good tea is heavenly ^_^

  • eLfy says:

    Hello Jantine, could you please tell me when and where this tea maker will be available to buy ?

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