Enjoy the magic of X-mas

The year has almost ended and ofcourse we want to wish all of you a nice Christmas.

Yesterday we finished our little x-mas shoot from Birdsintrees (styling and photography from two stylist together) and we hope you will enjoy the images. Next year more new work and a a brand new site from Birdsintrees with some nice new plans for the coming year.

Best wishes for all of you and Enjoy the magic of X-mas.

xo Jantine and Vivian

Images by Birdsintrees

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  • gudy herder says:

    Beautiful color combination, nice setting, great styling!!
    Love the last pic. That´s a RT!!

  • tinajo says:

    Beautiful pics – love them! :-)

  • Olivilla says:

    Love the inspiring pics! Sure I will enjoy!

  • Rafa-kids says:

    Enjoy the magic of X-mas – too.
    Thank you for beautiful inspirations.
    xx Agata

  • How beautiful! Happy Christmas!

  • valh41 says:


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