WIN two latte cups by Sukima

Yes, you can win a set of these beautiful latte cups by Sukima, offered to you by Accessorize your Home. This webshop offers you a range of home accessories in different materials and with a fresh look. All the products are send in gift wrapping….to be nice for yourself or someone else.

How nice it is to hear that you inspire people with your blog and that it results in a new collection of products in the shop of Accessorize your Home. That really makes me smile….and therefore we would like to give you a set of Sukima latte cups as a gift.

How can you win this set of cups?

1. Leave a comment to this post (we would love to hear what you think of these cups)
2. Become a facebook fan of Accessorize your Home here

You can have an extra change of winning by becoming a facebook fan of April & May too here.

If you have already liked one of these pages this counts automatically.
This give-away runs until the 7th of december and the winner will be announced here.

Love, Jantine and Sandra (Accessorize your Home)

There are 37 comments

  • Mieke says:

    Oe nice. Vooral de blauwe kopjes van de eerste foto. Hebbehebbehebbe;)

  • galette says:

    Ok I’m playing those are so nice!

  • Katrien Pi says:

    I love Sukima’s work! Great giveaway! And of course great blog! :)

    liked both pages on FB!

  • Joy Musch says:

    Wow! Perfect for latte, tea or to show as an item in my kitchen. And .. perfect for these cold days, with a warm latte in my hand to warm up.

  • Eva says:

    oh super! ze zijn erg leuk; passen perfect bij mijn servies dus die wil ik graag winnen ;)

  • I love that the brown cup looks like a shell.

  • I really like the raw pattern, that makes it look old and used.

  • vivian hoebe says:

    omdat ik van servies, blauw en latte hou!

    en natuurlijk van Accessorize your Home en April&May.


  • poppy says:

    Lovely, lovely cups. Not to mention the great giveaway. It would be amazing to drink my chai lattes out of them every morning. Love their Xmas decorations as well!

  • Nelleke says:

    Ik vind ze heel erg mooi! Ga maar weer eens een gokje wagen. Wie niet waagt…..

  • Eline says:

    Wat zijn die mooi!
    Ik vind het vooral mooi dat ze zo natuurlijk lijken!

  • Kerstin Tippmann says:

    Wie schön sind diese Tassen,
    das kann man ja kaum fassen.
    Drum schreib ich hier was rein
    um am siebten die Gewinnerin zu sein.

    Hope you can understand at least a bit:)

  • Mathilde says:

    fingers crossed !!
    I’m a double facebook-fan now !!

  • Knoopjes says:

    Beautiful cups, especially the bleuish/greyish ones!
    And thank you for pointing Accessorize your Home out, what a wonderful shop!
    Liked them on FB & I already like A&M!

  • LA says:

    There is something very calming about having coffee in a pretty, delicate cup. I would love to enjoy these subtle yet beautiful cups soon!

  • Iga says:

    I like both of you :) And honestly, I love the cups, I can imagine enjoying my caramel latte on Sunday morning, sitting in my comfy sofa, sunshine outside, freshly printed newspaper… Little things can really make me happy…

  • Oh these are fantastic! I love the print! Beautiful work!

  • Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! I could go on but that one word seems to sum it up well!

  • Hanna says:

    Love these, especially the blue!

  • Anonymous says:

    O! Mooi mooi mooi! Ze staan al een tijd op mijn lijstje! Dus ik doe mee!

    Daarnaast is Accessorize Your Home mijn favoriete webshop en April and May mijn favoriete blog!

    Ik wil ze heel graag winnen!

    groetjes Manon


  • KonfettiForm says:

    I like the organic feeling the pattern gives to the beautiful ceramic. Love them!
    have a nice December, Lena.

  • Jussi says:

    Prachtige, stijlvolle kopjes. Zouden leuk staan in mijn interieur en een goede kop koffie erin is altijd goed!

    Ik ding mee ;)

  • Paige says:

    Love them! Especially the gray and beige. Simple and delicate…they remind me of Japanese tea ware. No handles mean your hands stay warm!

  • Hannah says:

    I would love to win these, I just bought my boyfriend a coffee machine for christmas! all we need now is something gorgeous to drink from!!

  • Elma says:

    Great giveaway! Love love love them, especially the blue ones.
    Fingers crossed now, want to win this one :)

  • April S. says:

    Would love to win these two lovlies!

  • Milou says:

    Wauw! Hele strakke kopjes met een verfijnde ruwe opdruk, mooie tegenstelling. Ik zou ze zeker een plekje vooraan op de keukenplank geven!
    Ik had nog nooit van accessorize your home gehoord, heb even hun website bekeken. Wat een leuke spulletjes, en nog betaalbaar ook. Ga er zeker binnenkort wat bestellen, ook leuk voor de feestdagen. ;)

  • sas says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 love it!

  • Such a nice givaway, I love the hole Sukima collection! The form and decor is simple but at the same time special, and I don’t think I would ever get tired of it. I would be really, really happy to win!

    There is so many things I like gathered in the same webshop!

  • Studio Zijn says:

    Vind de oranje kopjes prachtig, dus ik doe ook mee!!!

  • evie dear says:

    wow, these are really gorgeous cups!!

  • Anna says:

    Great giveaway! Don’t drink coffee, but they would make beautiful tea-cups. The blue ones look very lovely. Thanks!

  • I LOVE these! So cute and I would love to like this page on FB but they disabled my account last week and now i am screwed, for no reason by the way. Sad I would love these little cup!

  • CW says:

    Lovely! It’s so interesting how much the different colors change the feel of the design.

  • Patrice A. says:

    hele fijne kopjes
    dat zou een fijne ‘buit’ zijn!

  • Joel says:

    These handmade cups by Sukima are so cute! Perfect for my afternoon latte and to warm up my hands now that it gets colder outside.

  • Ana mhaith, dath iontach.

    Beautiful shape. I love the blue and the pattern is very sweet. I just stumbled upon this blog in pinterest. SO happy I had a scroll down.

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