Mady Dooijes

Beautiful images of the clothing collection by Mady Dooijes. She offers hand made garments, created with care in small editions. Less is more, simple forms and timeless appeal are a few words that describe the style of Mady. 
Love the idea of the transparency and layering images. Mady has a great blog too, full of inspiration and a real eye candy. Take a look here.

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  • Ella says:

    I just found Mady’s blog last week and it was instant love!! It’s good to see some of her own work too.

  • Dominica says:

    the blouse (1 pic down) is absolutely stunning !

  • Juultje says:

    heel mooi! Kijk naar en lees ook graag haar blog.

  • Julie says:

    I am LOVING these!

  • E. says:

    Je blog net ontdekt en ben zo blij dat ik je gevonden heb! Mady’s blog is inderdaad prachtig. Ze heeft ook een fijne tumblr.

    x E.

  • Meta Musings says:

    gorgeous photos and fashion! xx

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