April & May favorites: IKEA

April & May favorites: IKEA

Something new at my blog: April & May favorites. My favorite finds at a shop I like or have visited.
Starting with IKEA… I visited this shop today and found some real favorites. Hope you like them too :)

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  • Terhi says:

    I like them all. I made a post about your post yesterday. I hope it is ok? And posted the same fabric DIY thing today :D Not knowing about you doing almost the same elsewhere.

  • Simple Flair says:

    Fine choice! I also made ​​a post with some things I want to buy at Ikea!

    Have a nice day! :)


  • i just got that ikea lamp shade and i brought 8 of them
    what a great price for such style ..

  • samia says:

    These are gorgeous.. love them all.. and I would love to know what the above commentator would do wit eight lamp shades…

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