Growing up by Jenna Postma

Growing Up is a chair that needs your mess to create a comfortable seat. Clothes normally lay all over the floor, but when you throw them in the chair, it becomes functional and decorative.
What a clever idea, a stylish solution for indeed something that happens in many homes. Jenna Postma is a Dutch designer who works narrative. The stories proceed from experiences, memories, imaginations and feelings. The designs are simple and very playful. Take a look at the site of Jenna Postma to discover more clever and beautiful designs.
Images through Jenna Postma 

There are 2 comments

  • sami says:

    what a very interesting concept! i could not imagine sitting there without anything!


  • Karin says:

    Wat een grappig idee! Ik kwam op je blog n.a.v. het stukje in de Ariadne en omdat ik altijd in ben voor inspiratie ga ik je graag volgen.

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