April & May hearts

This made me smile…

1. My sweet little boy Storm, he loves this chair as much as we do :)
2. Tooth Fairy pillow by Oeuf NYC
3. a beautiful color combination through BoligLiv
4. Eames chairs being great together through Riazolli

There are 4 comments

  • Katie says:

    Love that tooth fairy pillow! xo

  • made me smile, too!
    have a great weekend
    best wishes
    Open house blog, Norway

    Åpent hus

  • Dominica says:

    Hey, ik volgde je al via Twitter ! Superleuk je een keer met die fantastische foto én cover te zien in de Ariadne at Home … Dominica aka Mrsmushimushi

  • isabelle says:

    i love your taste and the pictures you choose a lot!

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