Time, a food concept by Sinja Bloeme. Sinja is currently studying at the Amsterdam Artemis Styling Academy and asked me (as a former student from the academy) to help her with her foodstyling project. Above pictures are the result of a fun and committed day of styling and photographing on which I photographed all the pictures and helped her with some latest styling details. 
Sinja, it was a great day of working together and you did a great job on the whole food project. 
Concept by Sinja Bloeme, Foodstyling by Sinja Bloeme and April & May, 
Photography by April & May

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  • jannek says:

    Wow, this is beautiful! I like the soft color palet and the blue-ish light!

  • Hola, everything is beautiful and images are great at your blog!!!
    hugs from Chile

  • Anya adores says:

    LOVE this post – sooo tranquil and gorgeous. WOW.
    Look forward to mr POSTman.
    Have a great day sweetie .)
    A xox

  • Oh sooo beautiful! I have just dicovered your blog and absolutely LOVE it! I now follow and hope you will stop by, say hi and follow back!

    Sar xx

  • Julie says:

    Pretty yellows…I’m so happy that spring is finally here:)

  • Cate says:

    I just stumbled upon your lovely blog and wanted to say how much I love it, defiantly becoming a regular.

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