Summer lounging

Summer is coming, I can feel it…The next couple of days it will be sunny weather here in the Netherlands. From now on I will be sharing summer inspiration for the couple of months.

This hanging lounger by Dedon really gets me in the mood. The Nestrest looks like an over-sized bird’s nest offering you the perfect place for relaxation, meditation and open-air conversations. Wouldn’t it be awesome this lounger in your back garden…

Images by Dedon

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  • Mimii says:

    I’m agree with you ! Perfect place to relax like a bird :) I really love it but I have no garden …

  • Iris says:

    Jee, wat een fijne plek. Nu nog een grote boom in mijn stadstuin om hem in te hangen…

  • JOHANNA says:

    Oh wow, this would be soooo great in my garden!

  • Hiskia says:

    o wauw! die en een grote boom & een goed boek :-)

  • Blue Fruit says:

    Awsome indeed ~ just need a big, beautiful tree to hang it from, and it would look great anywhere, in any kind of garden.

  • Tom says:

    This Dedon Nestrest is really an amazing masterpece!!!

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