tough kids rooms

lots of black (and white), a touch of green and blue, some sheep carpets, modern and vintage together…. 
100% love for these tough kids rooms.
First image (source unknown), second image through Emmas designblogg

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  • kidsdinge says:

    Wat een mooie blog !!

  • I like very much this very pure black and these very graphic lines to look of the soul

  • Anonymous says:

    The first pic comes from the French by design blog – I saw it last week!

  • seventhings says:

    wow.. I love this. Children’s rooms can often be over-stimulating… This is a chic alternative:)

  • Julie says:

    Very different, and I like it. So many kids rooms are going towards modern lately.

  • oldyarns. says:

    So nice & uncommon to see a neutral, moodier look for a child’s room, no pinks & blues…

  • Very cool… Usually I love bright and bouncy colors for kids but it’s nice to see something different. I would like to have the room in the first photo… not for when I have kids, but for me! haha… :)

  • Mimii says:

    so beautiful and chic bedroom ! Love it

  • sunny says:

    The first photo is one I blogged in December, 2010, here

    with the origin of the photo you’re wondering about – here (at the bodie & foe blog):

  • Great room. I love kids rooms that have a slightly mature vibe.

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