Noma, Copenhagen

Noma in Copenhagen is really a place a want to go to when I am visiting Copenhagen (I hope I will soon).

The restaurant is located in a former warehouse on the waterfront and the interior is designed by SPACE Architecture and Design. It has a raw, deconstructed feeling with unfinished brick walls, exposed, splintery wood beams. That first image instantly made me want to go there….what a fantastic atmosphere!

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  • Cez says:

    great the chairs…just have to taste the food now!!! tks for the address!!!

  • says:

    Wow, this I will keep in mind

  • SZ says:

    I’ll go with you! ;-) want so badly to go to Copenhagen! This is a great place! gr. Sonia

  • Julie says:

    So lovely..really truly, I want to go with you!

  • Mariela says:

    Looks really nice, love the style.

  • Roel says:

    I doubt if you are able to get in!! At this moment NOMA is awarded as #1 restaurant in the world and for the next 2 years you can’t make a reservation….

  • thanks for quoting… i appreciate

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