Rebel at Heart

Yes it has been quiet for a little week but I enjoyed a lovely holiday with lots of sun and relaxing. But now I am back with inspiring things to share with you. Let’s start with this wonderful new store in Alkmaar, the Netherlands called Rebel at Heart. They sell all the design labels that make you smile for the little ones and grown-ups. Kidscase, Donna Wilson, Madamme Mo, Royal Goedewaagen and their own label STERK-DESIGN.

They have designed their own baby crib RAH called Darling and Sweetheart. It’s a beautiful design that can be transformed by taking out the front part…and the crib is turned into an little bench and your child can step out easily…I love it!

They sell their products online for the little ones here and for the grown-ups here. And if you are ever in the Netherland you can visit their store in Alkmaar.

Images by Rebel at Heart

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  • Love the design of this crib…I don’t have any little ones yet but I do love that this looks so much more unique than the others that I’ve seen. So glad that you’ve been relaxing!

    Julie xo

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