birdsintrees projects

A little preview of some work I made together with my dear friend Vivian. We are working as a styling duo under the name BIRDSINTREES and are currently working on some own projects….

Our coming soon page of the website will soon be online where in the future we will show you all the things we have made and done. So already a little preview where we have worked on this week and we will be back with more…

Shhh…..can you see what the little birds told me?

There are 8 comments

  • Julie says:

    Fun! Life would be boring without projects:)

    Julie xo

  • agnes szucs says:

    sounds exciting!

  • Konfettiform says:

    So much beauty in this blog!

    You are hereby added to my look good list.

    Lena, Konfettiform

  • very cool. sounds like a fun project.

  • MisseMai says:

    I just came across your lovely little blog, its a very nice blog.

    Have a lovely day

  • Bonito says:

    Exciting! Yes. I want more! Please.

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