KIDS – Ebulobo, a volcano of ideas for children

When we had our baby birth party for our little boy Storm we got lots of presents. One I would like to share with you because it is so fantastic, Crazy cuddly wolf by Ebulobo.

Ebulobo creates toys for children, by playing with their toys, your child learns to play. The toys help to develop the motorskills essential to child’s development. Crazy cuddly wolf tells the story of a wolf that eats too much. He even eat a mobile phone and a pan. That’s why he needs to go to the doctor. The wolf has a speaker nose, and crinkle paper in the tail, and a big beel in the head. Inside the belly you will find a little red ridding hood, a pig, a pan and a electronic mobile phone.
Besides this fantastic wolf they have a lot more great products for your children. Just take a look at their website and become happy.
Images by Ebulobo

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